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Access from anywhere in the world,
at any time of the day,

from any device



Access from anywhere in the world,
at any time of the day,
from any device

Here you will find all programs
for repair and diagnostics of
CAT equipment

These are catalogs, diagrams and manuals for CAT in the dealer program for the CAT SIS service. It is presented in two versions. This is an offline SIS CAT program that can be downloaded to your PC, and if you have internet, you can use online SIS CAT and connect to the server around the clock from any device

For Caterpillar diagnostics you will find here the new version of the ET 2024 program

For ECM reprogramming you will find CAT Flash Files

Flashing, changing ECM parameters, increasing engine power and adjusting engine hours can be done using an Cat Factory Password 18 Digit

You can find selective diagrams, specifications or other information for CAT
Software for CAT

SIS CAT 2022, Online
online version

$10/first month
$15/one month
$30/three months
Sis Cat ONLINE is software uploaded to our server: you can use the program from any PC and at any time .
The client is given remote access to our server via an RDP file (weighs only 2 kb). An example of use is shown in the attached video.
The program includes:
- catalog of spare parts,
- maintenance and repair manuals,
- fault codes,
- electrical and hydraulic diagrams,
- technical characteristics of equipment.
Database update: 11.2021
Language: English, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, French
Operating system: Windows, MAC
Cost of access to Sis Cat ONLINE
1 month = 15 $
3 months = 40 $
12 months = 100 $
- Takes up only 2kb of your device's memory
- After receiving your login and password, you will immediately start working
- Does not require installing disks or anything else, no need to download a large amount of data
This is not SIS 2.0, but the principle is the same .
If you are looking for SIS 2.0, remember that there are gradations : 1. spare parts only, 2. spare parts + manuals, 3. spare parts + manuals + flash files. Please check this when purchasing
We have extended access to SIS 2.0, but we do not scale this account. If our Clients have a need for flash files, etc., we provide this data for a reasonable fee.
OFFLINE is also available . We install remotely on 1 Client PC via Anydesk and TeamViewer remote access programs. We connect to the PC and check for compliance. If everything is fine, we confirm the possibility, then payment. Next, download, install and configure. OFFLINE cost - 100$.

Flash Files
for programming CAT

50 $
Flash Files - factory firmware for programming Caterpillar ECM (control unit) flash memory.
Search for firmware - by number from ET, or through the serial number.
Cost per Flash File

Cat Factory Password 18 Digit
for programming CAT

100 $
Cat Factory Password 18 Digit — this is the generation of 18-digit CATERPILLAR factory passwords
!!!The price is for ONE password, this is not the Generator itself!!!
Application. It can be used for:
- regenerate and deletes DPF;
- reflashing ECM and increasing engine power;
- clearing errors and ECM memory as a dealer;
- changes in serial numbers;
- changing operating hours;
- programming other ECM parameters
Note. The access code will be generated from 18 digits. You need to provide the .html file generated by the CAT ET application.

SIS CAT 2022
offline version

100 $
SIS CAT 2022 offline - the software is designed for 1 PC.
Includes: spare parts catalog, service and repair manuals, fault codes, electrical and hydraulic diagrams, technical specifications for all equipment.
Installation: downloaded and activated on a 1 PC remotely through the pre-installed TeamViewer remote access program
Data update: 11.2021
Size: 239 GB
Language: English, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, German, French
Operating system: Windows 10/11

ET 2024, Electronic Technician + 10 Factory Password Generator
for diagnostics

100 $
The program is designed for diagnosing Caterpillar machines and equipment.
Update date: 2024
Download size: 1,05 Gb
Languages: English
Instructions: included
Operating system: Windows 7/8/9/10/11 - 64 bits or 32 bits
Installation: 1 PC (remotely using pre-installed TeamViewer remote access software)
Supported diagnostic equipment: Caterpillar Comm Adapter 3, Nexiq USB-Link 1/2; Communication adapter compatible with RP-1210C (Noregon® DLA+ 2.0 adapter kit, other compatible adapters).
- View active and stored errors;
- Viewing events in which abnormalities occurred and were recorded by the ECM;
- Display, including graphical and log recording of the status of parameters (temperature, pressure, etc.);
- Configure and/or change system parameters;
- View and change the current ECM or Flash file configuration;
- Carrying out diagnostic tests and calibrations;
- Print reports and diagnostic results.

How we are working

You select the desired Product. Add them to your cart
We send login details online or connect remotely to a PC and
start download/activation
The team supports
unlimited time
program operation
and round the clock feedback
Answers on questions
Yes, this is the maximum dealer version, all functions work. Validity period: unlimited (10 years license)
The video instruction for the SIS program show:
- where to find the Prefix and serial number of the equipment,
- hydraulic and electrical circuits, tightening torques,
- part numbers in the catalog, dimensions,
- list of maintenance and repair works
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